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The company’s Milwaukee Power Tool and Ryobi Power Tool brands needed a long term brand focus and strategy to establish differentiation in the extremely competitive worldwide market of power equipment.

Research & Strategic Meetings:          


Based on the company’s tremendous breakthroughs in battery technology, it was decided to commit the entire company to being the cordless technology leader in the worldwide power equipment market.  Major investments in innovation, manufacturing, people, etc. were made with dedicated strategic direction in each area over the last decade.  We were there every step of the way.


One of the major keys was maintaining a consistent battery platform that could be used with all new products (now over 150) and with all legacy products ten years back. Competitors fell in disfavor by continuing to introduce new battery platforms making customers buy entire new systems every couple of years.




Milwaukee Power Tools, now a $6 billion dollar brand continues to experience significant 25% to 30% annual growth.  Ryobi Power Tools, the major DYI homeowner brand, continues to experience double digit growth each year.

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