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Dirt Devil was beginning to lose market share in the vacuum market.  A new strategy for going to market on a global basis was needed.

Research & Strategic Positioning:          


DecisionPoints conducted a complete competitor research project to determine what market position each competitor was trying to capture.  Dirt Devil had made significant breakthroughs in vacuum technology (such as bagless vacuums) but the public was unaware that this was a Dirt Devil achievement.  Research also showed that the public had no idea about the different performance levels of competing brands.


We spent ten weeks at Dirt Devil headquarters in Ohio to begin developing a new market strategy that would reverberate in all markets.  Our research exhibited that “ease of use” was extremely important to consumers and that no other competitors were trying to own that segment.  All product research and company direction was organized around making this position a reality.  The company introduced the slogan “That Was Easy” for their marketing campaigns as one new innovation after another was introduced.




Sales on a steady climb in the United States after declining for several years.  Dirt Devil became the number one selling vacuum in Germany and is showing gains in all global markets.

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