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Strategic Corporate Consulting

Elegant Abstract Background

Organizations make critical decisions every day.  Whether the decisions will stand the test of time often comes down to the information that was used to make each decision. 


DecisionPoints is a strategic management company dedicated to helping organizations identify,  acquire, and apply the market data needed to dramatically improve the decision making process.


Consulting with Purpose

Every company is faced with important decisions on a daily basis.  In fact, there are critical points in the life of a company that can absolutely determine success or failure.  Too often, these decisions suffer from too little information and a poor decision-making process.  Organizations lose direction because the nature of business is tactical.  The phone rings, there are too many meetings, and financial objectives begin to take precedence over strategic commitments.  This turns organizations inward.  They stop thinking about what is good for the customer or what it takes to win in the marketplace, and begin making short term decisions based on what is good for the company at that point in time. 


DecisionPoints , through our Strategy Management system, helps you stay on track.  From initial strategy discussions to ensuring the execution of your strategic initiatives are being accomplished, we assist in putting the robust processes in place to keep you moving forward.   It is important to maintain a strategic focus for your business.   Where do you truly make your most important net profits?  Are you staying connected with your market in order to spot and respond to trends that will drive a leadership position?  Are you driving both innovation and execution throughout your organization?  Is your company strategy understood throughout your company?  This is about focus.  This is about maintaining strategic inertia in a tactical world that has the ability to grind every strategy to a screeching halt.


Let’s have a conversation.


Our primary mission is to have our clients achieve strategic clarity on the actions that must be taken to address the key issues they are facing. 

Strategic Analysis Workshop. 

This common yet too often useless process must be turned upside-down.   Throw out visions, purpose, mission, core values and get to the real challenges that must be addressed.  It should not be about setting goals; it must be about defining ‘how’; the exact specific actions needed for moving forward.


Strategic Competitive Research. 

Every corporate study in the last twenty years has affirmed that organizations do not possess the data they need for making sound decisions.  Our thirty years of competitive research experience will provide clarity to difficult decisions.  Strategy is hard work; but the rewards are amazing. 


Strategic Execution Structure.  The OKR system developed by Intel and used by Google, Microsoft, etc. provides the strategic structure needed to keep your company moving forward while providing direction for every member of the organization.


Strategic Checkpoints.  Sometimes you need a kick in the pants.  Too many plans begin to gather dust as the ringing phones, endless meetings, and daily changing conditions overpower the ability to remain strategically focused. 


We can help.


A Few Examples of Making a Difference
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